Tributes and Treasures
Christine M. Connolly, Christe See Fine Art" (

Christine M. Connolly Christe See Fine Art” (

Sharon’s second album, “Tributes and Treasures” is just making its appearance to the world, but the project has actually been around for quite a while, in various stages.  A recording like this one has always been on Sharon’s list of “must do’s”, something that she has always felt a passionate need to accomplish, so seeing it really happen is indeed a very special moment in time for her. Paying tribute to her musical heroes, this group of songs most likely best captures to date the heart and soul of a female vocalist/entertainer who has been on the stage for 50 years (this year), highlighting all of the influences that have inspired and shaped her passionate vocals throughout those years.

A child of the 60’s and 70’s, Sharon honors many of her favorites  on this record, including Barbra Streisand, Linda Ronstadt, Carole King and The Bee Gees.  She carefully perused her 45’s and albums and spent many hours soul searching, even before the project was officially begun, carefully choosing the songs by each artist that had touched her the most.  Also important to consider was choosing those special songs that felt good to her as vocalist and suited her vocal style, which is a blend of classic pop, soul and let us not forget — that touch of theater, which first brought Sharon to the stage as a child.

Also included in the album are two originals, “If I Believe”, inspired by a very dear friend, as Sharon searched for ways to console her, following the loss of her husband.  The melody had been given to her previously by  her late songwriting partner, Mike Nolette, and as she listened to it, the words easily flowed, and this inspirational song was born.  The other original on the album, “The Child In You”, also written with Nolette, was written as part of a compilation album/campaign for Children’s Hospital in Boston a few years back to raise funds for the esteemed hospital.  Both of these songs hold very special places in Sharon’s heart, as well as giving her the opportunity to pay tribute to Mike personally and professionally, a wonderful collaborator who will never be forgotten.

Sharon proudly shares this new album with the world and fervently hopes that all of you will enjoy it.  She hopes that those listening will feel some of the emotions that these songs and artists have brought to her throughout the years. Last, but not least, Sharon wishes to sincerely thank the many wonderful musicians who have been a part of the project throughout its progress, especially Kenny Lewis (“The Wizard”), its engineer and producer, who has been on board from the start. Thank you also to Peter Vantine, Pete Tintendo, Jacyn Tremblay, Dickie Paris, Jr, Chris Bilton, Peter Koeplin, Tom Page, Ken Clark, Tracy Ferrie, Lou Spagnolo, Peter Levesque, Gilda Betancourt, Casper Jones and  Amaury Fontenele for contributing such immense talent to this project.

Track Listing (click here to order the CD)

  1.  I Only Want to Be With You (tribute to Dusty Springfield)
    (Songwriters:  Mike Hawker & Ivan Raymonde)
  2.  To Love Somebody (tribute to The Bee Gees)
    (Songwriters:  Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb & Maurice Gibb)
  3.  I Don’t Know How to Love Him (Tribute to “Jesus Christ Superstar”, the musical)
    (Songwriters:  Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice)
  4.  Baby It’s You (Tribute to Burt Bacharach & Hal David)
    (Songwriters:  Burt Bacharach, Hal David & Barney Wiliams)
  5.  Long, Long Time (Tribute to Linda Ronstadt)
    (Songwriter:  Gary B. White)
  6.  Since I Fell For You (tribute to those mentors who instilled a love of the classics)
    (Songwriter:  Buddy Johnson)
  7.  I Saw the Light (Tribute to Todd Rundren)
    (Songwriter:  Todd Rundgren)
  8.  Almost Over You (Tribute to Sheena Easton and to a “treasure” of a song)
    (Writers:  Jennifer Kimball & Cindy Richardson)
  9.  If (Tribute to David Gates and Bread)
    (Songwriter:  David Gates)
  10. Sweet Seasons (Tribute to  Carole King)
    (Songwriters:  Carole King & Toni Stern)
  11. If I Believe (Tribute to Anna Thomas and Mike Nolette)
    (Songwriters:  Sharon DiiFronzo & Michael Nolette)
  12. Answer Me (Tribute to Barbra Streisand)
    (Songwriters:  Paul Williams & Kenny Ascher)
  13. The Child In You (Tribute to Children’s Hospital, Boston, and to the pure hearts of children everywhere)
    (Songwriters:  Sharon DiFronzo & Michael Nolette)
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Erica Warren, EI Designs (

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