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One of Sharon”s passions is passing along a lifetime of hands-on experience as a vocalist to her students through vocal coaching. Having spent the last 50 years on the stage learning her craft, and well as having studied with well-known Boston vocal coaches Eddie Watson and Sidra Cohn, Sharon has developed fundamental the tools which enable her to share what she knows and continues to learn

For the past 5 years, Sharon has worked as a vocal instructor at the Real School of Music in Burlington, MA, and in addition to that, offers private vocal coaching.

For those aspiring to either improve their singing voice, or to find it to begin with, Sharon can offer assistance with:

  • developing/improving vocal technique (breath/placement)
  • extending the vocal range
  • developing/refining of vocal style
  • using vocal dynamics to enhance colors and textures
  • preparing for auditions and shows
  • and much more.

Sharon has worked with students of all ages and enjoys the challenge of helping others to enhance their natural vocal gifts without changing who they are, offering advice on how to protect the voice as a precious instrument and how to bring forth, by way of each student’s voice, the emotions that live within their hearts. Helping students to sing with passion, to touch an audience, and to help them achieve confidence in doing so, are integral components of her ¬†approach. The “person” behind the voice totally matters to Sharon, and is key to the entire process of connecting it all together. Listening to her own clips and see what you think.

Got a voice waiting to be heard? Let’s find and it and show it off.